How to Log into Your AreaPro Account

Logging into your AreaPro account is a simple 2-step process.

Navigate to AreaPro’s Login Page #

Go to

Click the Sign-In Button #

On the top right corner of the page, you’ll spot a button labeled “Sign In”. Click on it to reveal the login form.


Enter Your Credentials #

Email Address #

In the email address field, type in the email address associated with your AreaPro account.

NOTE: If you use a password manager it might auto-fill this field for you.

Password #

In the password field, type in the password you set for your AreaPro account.

TIP: If you’re using a password manager, it can auto-fill or suggest the password for you, streamlining the login process.

Click ‘Sign In’ #

Once you’ve entered your email and password, click on the “Sign In” button.

Accessing Your Dashboard #

Upon successful login, you’ll be taken directly to your dashboard. Here, you’ll see a list of areas you’ve created, or have the ability to build a new area.

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